Areas of Practice

Estate and Lifetime Planning

Lynne W. Spraker Estate Planning

Preparing For The Inevitable

You have worked hard to accumulate your assets. Lynne W. Spraker recognizes this and assists clients with planning that is necessary not only during their lifetime but also after a client's demise. She always takes the time to get to know the client and his/her individual goals and ensures that proper documents are in place to provide for current needs as well as the orderly distribution of assets at the time of death.

To protect your assets and to provide for your family, it is always prudent to think about your estate planning needs early-before life-changing events make the need more urgent. A proper and well-crafted estate plan ensures that your "financial house" is in order and saves your loved ones costs and unnecessary delays in the administration of your estate.

Probate and Trust Administration

Lynne W. Spraker Probate and Trust Administration

What You Need to Organize For an Estate/Trust Administration

The administration of estates and trusts can be an emotional and sometimes complex process. Regardless of the complexity of the estate or trust, Lynne W. Spraker assists the fiduciary and/or the beneficiaries through the process and ensures that the client will receive exceptional and experienced advice.

Lynne provides guidance with identifying the deceased's assets, paying the estate/trust obligations and with the orderly distribution of assets pursuant to the deceased's estate planning documents. If it is necessary for the estate to go through the court-monitored probate process, Lynne W. Spraker ensures the process will be as cost effective and expedient as possible.

Guardianship Law

Lynne W. Spraker Guardianship Law

Protecting Your Loved One's Financial and Personal Needs

The decision to seek a guardianship for family members may be difficult and sometimes complicated. However, the planning for the strong probability of incapacity is an important element of any estate plan.

It may become necessary to establish a guardianship for a variety of reasons. An elderly person may become incapacitated or a person may no longer be able to handle his/her own affairs or manage his/her property. In addition, a minor may lose their parent, inherit, or receive property.

Lynne W. Spraker is available to represent guardians and/or their families with all aspects of the court-supervised process.