Guardianship Law

Protecting Your Loved One's Financial And Personal Needs

Lynne W. Spraker Guardianship Law

A guardianship proceeding may be necessary when an adult or minor person is no longer capable of handling his or her own affairs. Unfortunately, the possibility of a court-monitored guardianship is often overlooked in an estate plan. Lynne addresses this issue in the initial planning process with her clients. However, in the event a guardianship becomes necessary, she assists family members with the proceeding and oversees guardians who become responsible for financial and personal matters for the incapacitated and/or minor person (called "the ward").

A "guardian of the person" makes decisions for the incapacitated person and assists with making medical decisions and daily living concerns. A "guardian of the property" is in charge of handling financial matters for "the ward". Lynne assists the court appointed guardian with the various responsibilities such as the filing of an Inventory and annual accountings.

Florida courts closely supervise all guardianship proceedings and require that all guardians be represented by an attorney. Lynne welcomes the opportunity to assist family members with establishing guardianships for their loved ones or assisting a court-appointed guardian with the guardianship administration.

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