Probate and Trust Administration

What You Need to Organize For an Estate/Trust Administration

Estate and Trust Administration Checklist

Lynne W. Spraker Estate Planning

Most beneficiaries and fiduciaries are unaware of the numerous steps necessary to properly administer an estate. Lynne W. Spraker handles all aspects of probate and trust administration and represents beneficiaries of estates, as well as the appointed Personal Representative or Trustee.

If it is necessary to probate an estate, Lynne will work with the local probate court to properly index the Last Will and Testament and assist the court appointed fiduciary with marshaling the estate assets. In addition, Lynne will file an estate Inventory, notify creditors, file appropriate tax returns, prepare accountings, and make final distributions to the beneficiaries in accordance with the decedent's wishes.

Although assets owned in a Trust are not subject to direct court supervision, Lynne will work with the named fiduciary and properly advise them of all notice provisions under Florida law and the other duties necessary to administer a trust.

In addition, Lynne frequently assists family members of non-resident decedents with property located in Florida. She will guide the family and work closely with them and the Personal Representative, wherever they are located, to ensure that the Florida estate is administered as efficiently and cost effective as possible.

Whether the client is a beneficiary or a fiduciary, they will always receive expert guidance in the orderly administration of an estate and/or trust.

In summary, Lynne's practice encompasses assistance with the following:

  • Probate (Formal, Summary and Ancillary Administrations)
  • Determination of Homestead Status
  • All aspects of Trust Administration

When you are seeking a knowledgeable and experienced Florida attorney in the areas of estate planning and probate/trust administration, contact LYNNE W. SPRAKER, ESQUIRE to schedule a complimentary consultation.